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Fat-Fighting Vacations: 3 Tropical Resorts to Get Your Body Bikini-Ready

Posted in Action & Adventure, Destinations & Features

Do thoughts of beaches and bikinis have you planning overtime at the gym? Is your summer vacation creating diet anxiety? Not to worry—you can easily combine the two, taking a trip to the tropics where you’ll...

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Skiing, Spa-ing, and Serenity in the Catskills

Posted in Destinations & Features, Rest & Relaxation

  Sometimes even the most dedicated of solo travelers needs a travel companion. This is especially true if that travel companion is someone you love, someone who you know will make the journey that much...

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10 Breathtaking, Life-Changing, See-Before-You-Die Hotels

Posted in Culture & Cuisine, Destinations & Features, Rest & Relaxation

I’m not going to deny it, these 10 hotels are not cheap. Far from it. You...

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Why You Should Go To Barbados Now!

Posted in Destinations & Features, Tropical Getaways

Looking to get away from it all and head to a Caribbean paradise where the...

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Valentine’s Day in NY: 3 Ways for Singles and Couples to Celebrate

Posted in Culture & Cuisine, Destinations & Features

This year, Valentine’s Day falls on a Friday and on President’s Day...

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4 Places to Celebrate Thanksgiving Away From Home

Posted in Action & Adventure, Destinations & Features, Rest & Relaxation

  Sure, Thanksgiving is a wonderful holiday to celebrate and spend quality...

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How to be a Traveler, Not a Tourist

Posted in Travel Journal

I think it’s safe to say we all want to be savvy travelers, not tacky...

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7 Places to Travel Solo This Winter

Posted in Destinations & Features, Rest & Relaxation, Tropical Getaways

From your own beach house in South Beach to a funky Costa Rica retreat, these...

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Solo Girl Travel is a source of information and inspiration for wanderlustful women. We believe that globetrotting gals with a thirst for the best of world travel need not be hindered by the lack of a travel companion. Whether you are single and fabulous, have a significant other who can’t join you, or simply prefer to be alone at times, you want to see the world in style, and we want to help you.